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Donate to Meals on Wheels

27th Oct 2020

Have you thought of donating to Meals on Wheels? A common reason not to donate is ‘I don’t know where my money goes’. We at Meals on Wheels ensure all monies raised help us make a real difference to local communities in NSW. All f... more details

Volunteer Profile – Anna Turner & Vanessa Lyons

21st Oct 2020

How long have you volunteered for Inverell Meals on Wheels? We both started in April this year after seeing the call out for volunteers on social media. Facebook Post - With the recent announcement directing people aged 70+ to stay at home, over ... more details

Colouring Competition

12th Oct 2020

Entertain the kids with this great colouring in compettition for their chance to WIN great prizes! Visit - NSW Meals on Wheels to enter. Competition closes 19th October 2020. ... more details

Partnership with Joblink Plus

10th Sep 2020

If you look hard enough, there really are some good and uplifting stories to come out of the COVID 19 pandemic, and the partnership between Joblink Plus and Inverell Meals on Wheels is just one of them. Joblink Plus is an organisation providing empl... more details

Covid - Safety & Hygiene for all our Staff & Volunteers

9th Sep 2020

All volunteers and staff are following our standard food safety procedures, good hand hygiene, and as an extra precaution are using hand sanitising gel between each home they visit.  We have also asked our volunteers social distancing recommenda... more details

Staff Profile - Jodie

2nd Sep 2020

Jodie has been with Meals on Wheels Inverell for 8 years now, starting back in August of 2012. Born and bred in Inverell, she enjoys the relaxed country lifestyle and community spirit that Inverell offers. Her main role in our service is in Administ... more details

2 Ingredient Scones

19th Aug 2020

                                   Tea & Scones go together, like, well&hel... more details

Mask Making - Can you Help?

6th Aug 2020

Can you help us make safe, washable and reusable masks for our Volunteers? If you have access to a sewing machine, or know somebody who does, please support this initiative and know that your sewing skills are making a difference to ... more details

Have you ever considered how beneficial a cup of tea can truly be?

30th Jul 2020

Here are a few examples of how different varieties can benefit you: Green tea - has a high content of flavonoids, or antioxidants, and it's in a group called catechins, which are known to have more beneficial properties than vitamins C and E. Thi... more details

First Aid Facts - Heart Attack

3rd Jul 2020

Our friends at St John First Aid have put together a fact sheet with information about Heart Attacks. This includes vital information that may save a life. First Aid Fact Sheet... more details

What Exactly is Yoghurt?

25th Jun 2020

Yoghurt is a cultured milk product in which two types of bacteria are used. These bacteria act on the lactose (natural sugar found in milk) and protein in milk to give a fine soft curd with a slightly acid flavour. Yoghurt is a good source of protein... more details

Drink more water

18th Jun 2020

  If someone feels thirsty they are already dehydrated. Water supports & provides many vital functions in the body, including hydration, digestion and blood volume.   As you age, your body’s ability to cons... more details

What does Meals on Wheels do?

28th May 2020

Meals on Wheels provides a nutritionally balanced meal to frail, aged people, people with a disability, and their carers. The service is not means tested. Meals on Wheels enables people to be independent in their own homes for longer. Most p... more details


7th May 2020

Exercise helps an older person improve muscle strength, balance and mobility and enable them to continue to perform daily tasks. A person’s physical strength can also affect their ability to go shopping, cook or eat independently which can ult... more details

Finger Foods

30th Apr 2020

Photo Credit: Trang Doan (Pexels) Finger food may be the best way to provide nourishment, food enjoyment and the dignity that comes with independence. Some people find cutlery hard to use. Serving food that can be picked up with fingers is often a... more details

Shopping, cooking and eating independently

23rd Apr 2020

Independence is important for most people, so should be encouraged and supported whenever possible. Not being able to cook, shop or eat independently can increase the risk of malnutrition. Ideas and services to help maintain independence include:... more details

Eating alone

9th Apr 2020

Eating alone may result in older people eating less thus increasing their risk of being poorly nourished. It is all too easy for a person living alone to miss meals or to exist on a ‘tea and toast’ type diet that is low in calories, prote... more details

Is eating three meals a day important?

26th Mar 2020

In a word YES! Missing meals on a regular basis can lead to poor nutrition, muscle and weight loss.If eating three main meals a day is difficult to manage, then it does meanthat snacks throughout the day really need to be nutritious and full of pro... more details

Covid-19 Update

25th Mar 2020

What we are doing Meals on Wheels processes are rapidly changing in order to reduce the potential spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure we can continue to deliver meals to the most vulnerable in our community.  We are following advic... more details

Make sure that you have a nutritious diet

5th Mar 2020

So often we hear these words but what does a ‘nutritious diet’ really mean? Eating a variety of food is a good start as this means there is a greater chance of getting the protein, vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Different... more details

Drink Milk

27th Feb 2020

If you are losing weight, have no appetite or need to put on weight, milk drinks can be an easy way of getting nourishment and kilojoules (calories). Why not try the following milk drink recipes. Any type of milk can be used - fresh, UHT, powdered or... more details

What about alcohol?

13th Feb 2020

As people age their liver is less able to deal with alcohol. A small amount may stimulate the appetite It is advisable to have no more than two standard drinks a day and one alcohol free day a week. A standard drink is a middie of beer or a glass... more details

Teeth, mouth and swallowing problems

6th Feb 2020

These problems make eating difficult and can lead to reduced food intake, increasedrisk of dehydration, lack of energy and malnutrition. Causes include tooth ache, poorly fitting dentures, mouth ulcers, sore gums and lips, reduced saliva, stroke or ... more details

Are You a Carer?

31st Jan 2020

You are a carer if you care for a frail or disabled relative, spouse, partner or friend. Make sure you are also looking after yourself and eating well. Being well nourished has a major role to play in your wellbeing. Healthy meals do not have to be c... more details

Are you eating a variety of foods?

9th Jan 2020

It is important to eat a variety of foods as no one food will provide all the vitamins andminerals your body needs. Different foods contain different nutrients. For example,spinach and other green leafy vegetables contain folate; oranges contain vita... more details

Bone health and preventing fractures

2nd Jan 2020

Healthy bones are important for the wellbeing of everyone but extremely important as we age. Good nutrition is key to preventing fractures. Adequate Calcium, Vitamin D and proteinwill help to maintain good bone health. Think of these three nutrient... more details