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Volunteer Profile – Anna Turner & Vanessa Lyons

21st Oct 2020

How long have you volunteered for Inverell Meals on Wheels?

We both started in April this year after seeing the call out for volunteers on social media.

Facebook Post - With the recent announcement directing people aged 70+ to stay at home, over 85% of our regular volunteers are now unable to assist. We need your help now more than ever!

Why did you want to become a volunteer?

We were sitting at home between our regular jobs when we saw the call out and thought we could do that. Let’s go help the community. We wanted to help out and give back, do something good, and now was our chance.

What is your role as a volunteer?

We deliver meals and check up on each individual client. It’s nice to have a quick chat and check up on their wellbeing. We might be the only people they see all day.

We volunteer one day a week for between one to one and a half hours. That is all it takes.

What do you think you gain from being a volunteer?

It is so rewarding to know that you are giving back and helping people in need. It also gives you peace of mind to know that they are doing ok after each visit. You really do become concerned for their wellbeing.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Definitely DO IT! It’s so rewarding, even when you have to do it in the rain. It’ll make your day.